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1. Sign up at Neobux.com

You will begin Neobux as a standard member. Standard members are paid $0.01 for any clicks they make, and $0.005 for any click a referral makes.

2. Click all available ads daily.

It has been my experience that standard members get about 5 ads daily. Most ads appear about 4:40 daily but because of Neobux’s popularity you will see one or two ads appear about every hour or so.

3. You will make most of your money due to referrals.

As will almost all PTC programs or Bux programs, your revenue will depend on referrals. At Neobux you can get referrals one of two ways. Either you can refer someone directly that you know or clicks on your referral link and sign up or you can rent referrals from Neobux.

Renting referrals is what make Neobux so innovative (and at the same time has given it some trouble). You can rent referrals in packs: Standard members pay $.30 per refferal so you can see a 10 pack of referrals will cost you $3.00 and a 100 pack would be $30 dollars. These prices go down when you become Golden, but DO NOT GO GOLDEN YET. You can rent referrals every 7 days.

Earn 1$ and reinvest it and buy 3 referrals this is good for new members

Renting referrals is significantly more difficult when you are a Golden member. Golden members get paid more per click and referrals cost less but the referrals stock runs out quickly. Golden member can only buy referrals at two set times a day.

4. Fund your account to rent referrals.

Using either Paypal or Alertpay, transfer funds into your rental balance. If you are not on your account page , click your linked username at the top right of the screen just below the horizontal menu.

In the right column of your screen you will see several green rectangles (green if active, grey if inactive). Click the one say Rent Referrals, then pick the size pack you want (remember you had to put money into your rental balance)

Now you will have some referrals clicking for you.

Rented referrals run out in 30 days. You can see your rented referrals activity by clicking the referrals link on the left vertical menu and then clicking the rented referrals icon located just below the top horizontal menu on the right.

If a rented referral is not performing after 3 days, you need to recycle them.

5. Do Not Go Golden Too Soon

Be as patient as you can and collect as many as you can before going Golden. It may take longer to get a good daily income but it will be well worth the wait. Trust Me.

6. Try to get some direct referrals.

Blog or do forum post with signatures link using your referral link. You can find your referral link by clicking the banners link in the lefthand vertical menu.